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Saturday, 27 December 2014

How Exercise is Important?

Exercise is important part of our life any time anywhere according to needed, basically exercise is good for health and also for mentally and physically fit. Exercise which keep our body safe from disease and make a physically fit. In our daily life exercise is most valuable and important fact which is an also part of body which is essential for our body.  In other terms exercise is also called yoga, yoga is introduced by Indian origin. Every time we need some work for any task. If we still sitting ideally then our body muscles get tired and which is causes for many diseases. Many person who doing exercise get fit as compared to any normal person. Exercise is very important for any work and which make our body active for workout.
There are many important reason for exercise:
1. Firstly it make our active and make capable for doing work.

2. Regular exercise make our body fit and make blood pressure normal.

3. If you do regular exercise then you consume high energy and calories.

4. During exercise you no need to take other precaution.

5. You are protected from disease and many other viral which may causes of seek.

6. It also help to make body shape and obesity.

7. It balancing the daily intake of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and considers portion control as         one of the most important keys to lose weight.

8. It control all over body alignment.

9. During exercise our body get oxygenated blood from breathing which is useful to our brain and all    part of body.
10. It also control our brain and reduce stress and make feel good.

Exercise is important for all age of human being which deal with all part of body. Regular doing exercise our body free from dieses and many other things. So doing regular exercise your get fit till your life long. So make yourself body  happy and glow as light which is attract for other person. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Many people of in this world get worried about their muscles and thin muscles of body, they spend much more money as per required but don’t any effect on their body. Gaining muscles is not easy but if you follow rule according to your body growth then this make a great effect on body. There are many rules for gaining muscles for our body like eat high quality calories food, proteins and make body move according to you. Many client go to gym trainer for making their muscles but after few months they still as usual. Why? There are many reasons for that one of this is they don’t concentrate on their work and they avoid some tips during workout. There are many way to make and gaining muscles remedies, but few of them know and they make this things for useful and many of them don’t do this. The basic principle of gaining muscles is how much calories you consume and how you utilise them.
Here are main basic fundamental principle of building muscles
1. Take proper amount of food which contain more calories.
2. Take rich nutrient which suit for your body.
3. Enjoy to take healthy food and fruits
4. Make your body workout as per your requirements.
5. Always try to avoid oily food which contain fat
Muscles building is also depends on the proteins how much you have consume protein per day. According to survey an adult person can take 360 gram protein per day. This is a normal diet that contain every human being body. Many time people take supplement for making muscles, that is good and  many time it give excellent result but many time it get fail due to many reasons. If you want to make your muscles then you should follow these things step by step:

Here are Meal for making muscles:

1. Egg two cups: egg is most which contain high amount of protein and it also contain vitamin-D which increase to help muscles and make a perfect body shape. This is most common meal which used for making muscles and for other sources. It is good right for fat and building muscles.

2. Oats two cups as per required: oats is another grain which made of wheat integrated it also contain many number of protein and other minerals which is essential for our body. It help to increase the muscles fibre and it is also increase growth of body muscles. It is free from fat and contain large amount of carbohydrate.

3. Whole grain:  this is another important meal which is very essential for every human being. Whole grain provides more protein, carbohydrate and help to growth our body muscles. Like brown rice and wheat which also help to gaining hormone and make body alignment fit.

4. Chicken (lean beef and skinless chicken):  this is key of gaining muscles and making muscles. Because it loaded with full of all sort related to our muscles. It provide essential proteins and nutrients including iron, zinc and vitamin-B. it provide high quality of protein which work to our body insulin to increase muscles growth, and another side skinless chicken help to improve bone and repair muscles and also maintain weight. Many times our body growth is still stop due to proteins and other carbohydrate which not found in our body in a manner way, so skinless chicken make to help improve size of body and muscle and maintain it body alignment.

5. Proteins: many times other natural sources is not sufficient for our body for making muscles. So here is another solution for that take a supplements of protein which most popular in market for bodybuilding. Because this supplement provide fast growth of body and it contain sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrate for our body requirements, it contain mixture high  amount of grain and food which full of proteins, nutrients and carbohydrates which provide a boost to our body to increase muscles and make free from fat. 

6. Other meals:  here are also many of things that help to making muscles fibers,  such as fish, sweet potatoes, nuts, frozen Berries and many others things which make to help to improve body muscles.