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Saturday, 4 April 2015

five food avoid in summer

Coming summer everybody want to cool and make our body fit and protect from illness and other sickness. Many people take unnecessary food which reason for harmful and make their body illness and unfit for working. Most of bacteria occur in summer due to warm temperature and rotten spoil food. So here I tell you which food you take in summer and which food you avoid in summer. Before going to this point I will tell you some tips to take regular in summer.
  •   First take 5 to 8 L water which is beneficially for human body as per WHO
  •     Avoid unwanted food or junk food which harm for our body.
  •     Take regular bath in summer for protecting from bacteria.
  •     Always wear or apply sun lotion cream when you go outside from house
  •    Take a fresh lightly food

 So here are five (5) food which avoid in summer:

1.      Spices food: in summer mostly people want to spices food, which causes for their illness and other problem in body.

2.      Oily food: try to avoid oily food in summer because this make your body sleepy and unfit from work and you always keen to feeling tiredness.

3.      High calorie and protein: mostly people think that protein and calorie is good in summer yes this is good for body but you just maintain yourself try minimum amount of calorie and protein, food which contain large amount of calorie try to avoid them.

4.      Lemon jucie: this is another fact about juice this juice generate a critic acid in our stomach, which causes for dehydration, feeling tiredness and sleepy. So try to avoid this.
5.      Tea and coffee: this is most essential drink for every person in twice a day. This caffeine make our body warm and after drink tea or coffee you are not keen to hungry.

So here are some food which avoid in summer and make your body fit and healthy and fit for long time.

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