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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Care tips for dry skin in winter

In winter people always worry about drying skin, they have more option to do many thing but they still confusing? What can they do for that? Before coming winter our skin has normal but  due to summer and sweating which make skin and other part of body glow due to sweat out from skin and after coming winter person usually get lazy with work and they have minimum number to concentrate on their body . In our body skin is very sensitive to sense any things which happen in around us. In winter many part of our body get dry like skin, rough hair and dry lips and many more things. In winter our body temperature get down as normal temperature so blood cell don’t have sufficient way to move one place to another place in our body alignment. Due to this many part of body don’t get normal blood cell which causes of drying skin.
 Here are some tips for curing drying skin in winter
  •        I.            Take bath: - This is normal situation which mostly we human being avoid bathing during winter. So when we not take bath during winter our skin cell body get dead, which is causes of drying skin. So take bath it not compulsory whether it is cold or hot water. If you don’t want cold water then take normal hot water.
  •     II.            Sun light: - this is also an important term which make skin perfect and glow. Many time when we work in office either in home we forget to these normal things to take it. Sun light provide to our body vitamin-D which make our body skin and other diseases to cure.

  •  III.            Oil: - here is another facts about oil which provide moisture to skin. It make our skin cell active and glow and to protect from drying skin. Before go to bath apply oil (mustard either coconut oil) all over part of body then go to bath after that you feel good. Make this habit continuously before going to bath. This is protect from other skin bacteria and diseases.
  • IV.            Lotion cream: - cream is another most important tips to remove dry skin in winter which make skin glow and lightness. In winter many types of cream is available in market we confuse to choose which types of cream we prefer to apply on skin. Choose cream which contain integrated material (chandan and kapoor) with antiseptic cream.
  •   V.            Warm up body: - this is type of exercise which we do in the morning after get up from bed and in evening also. After wake up in the morning we must do little warm up for body fitness and to active muscles. This make to our get fresh update and make blood circulation perfect all over body part. Warm up to our body is very necessary in winter, which lead to make our mind and brain active and warm up and protect from drying skin and maintain our body temperature. it also cure from other types of diseases.
Above are the some tips for drying skin in winter . apply in your daily routine this may protect from drying skin and roughness hair. Also cure form chapped lips and cracked feet. Many person worry about crack feet so here are the solution for that people who worried about this.Take this tips and cure from drying skin and it also provide your body always glow as you want.

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