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Sunday, 16 November 2014

How to quit smoking

Smoking is increases day by day in all over world. Most smokers are from usa, china, Africa, and many countries. In these day smoking is fashion for adult’s i.e in college students and youngsters. Government takes many steps to quit smoking, but it doesn’t stop it is just reverse and increases. Government run ads in movies for smoking and write a quote “smoking is injurious to health”. Many smoking company banned by government but it still running in all over states, their licenses date over but they run their industry. Many people want thought  that how to quit smoking cigarettes and tabacoo ,but they don’t know ways to stop smoking, here are few steps to quit smoking .those who want toquitting smoking read this step carefully that  how to stop smoking.


Some steps to quit smoking:-

Steps 1: Be confident and control over on mind
This is most important and most valuable point, which is help to control to quit smoking. If u want to quit smoking then u be confident and control on your mind, because if you control your mind  you can control over self. If you would not control your mind then be confident with your mind and say I don’t smoke.

Steps 2: Regular exercise
This is second steps which is also important, make your body fit and physically mentally for quit smoking, this step is basically for body and make your brain fresh which don’t think about any bad thing which is related to your smoking. Regular exercise give your body boosting and make your self-motivated

Step3: Avoid smoker’s friends
If you won,t control yourself to smoking then ,don’t make smokers friends who smoke with you. This is also is a part of quit smoking, because if your smoke then it obvious that you also want to smoke. So don’t make who smoking. Always try to give maximum time to your family ,which you always think about your family and it make it habbit then your mind does not go to smoking side .

Step4:  Don’t eat material which fell smoking
Always eat fresh food and fruits. Do not eat food and such thing which contain material like drugs and nicotine which is part of smoking. This make body and brain to feel smoky and you want to smoke. So avoid this type of food.

Step 5: Contact Doctor for quit smoking
This is last one is to stop smoking above all step is fail, then you should contact to doctor immediately. If you could not control to quit smoking then go to nearest doctor for their suggestion and treatment. Because doctor always give to you medicine and treatment for quit smoking.

So these are steps to quit smoking and what can do for that. In many medicals give you so many steps to quit smoking but these are steps which is very familiar and most important thing which happen in daily life of smokers. So avoid smoking and make your body cure and save your life and enjoy.

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