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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Does Smoking release stress

This is most frequently ask question for who is smoking and who want to smoke. That is how smoking is reduce tension and how remove stress. Many researchers say that some time smoking is good for health and it relieve stress. Researchers search that, the fact about cigarette and tobacco is that it is good for sometimes but overdose it may affect our body. In our body some nicotine is found who help to control our mentality and physical behavior of human being. Smoking cigarette causes our lungs and affect all parts of body. But many times it give release to tension and stress. Due to present of nicotine in our body sometimes it work excellent that is when a person filling tired, stress, tension, and not interesting to their work. So they want to smoke and after smoke they fill good and their brain work fine due to benefits of nicotine.

Our brain is a controlling all over parts of body what happening in our body. Smoking diseases is present in body who smoke more and more, due to present of smoking diseases they want to know the ways to relieve stress and facts about smoking.  We all know that smoking is bad for health and not good for health but many times is give awesome result to our body. There are many fact about smoking so some smoking facts are:-

  • Smoking give good result when you are in stress and smoke  in limit.
  • When person smoke and do work then their concentration level and their thinking is high during working.
  • There are 55-65% smokers are men and 30% women present in world.
  • If you smoke out of limit then your body feel weakness your bone get  weak which is cause of sickness.
  • What happens when you quit smoking the facts about smoking is that when you stop smoking ,your body not working properly, you feeling irritating and sometime your brain and your body want to only smoke and only smoke.
These are few smoking facts which is happening with all smokers in this world.  The biological fact is that some amount of nicotine is present in our brain that is when person smoke then first time it give to body relief and fresh our mood, or our concentration level high and we feel well but medical doctor say that during first time in millisecond nicotine is responding well but after that it affect our brain and make habits to smoke.

Smoking have great advantage in many places but it many time it give bad result to our body. So ways to relieve stress , tension and tiredness is not smoking there is also is another way to reduced stress and tension. But in many field smoking is make a important role in our life. Smoking facts many depending on the person how they use and how they control over them on self to relieve stress. So smoke as limit as possible everything in this world has advantage and disadvantage.

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